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Feb 13, 2017

The Interisland Carrier Said That The Introduction Of New Aircraft Will Allow It To Double The Number Of Daily Round Trips Between Kahului And Honolulu By The Beginning Of May.

That figure contradicts a Justice Department lawyer's statement Friday during a court hearing... (Tribune news services) Refugees also awaited word on their fates. A Somali refugee said about 140 refugees whose resettlement in the U.S. was blocked by Trump's executive order were sent back to their refugee camp and it was unclear if or when they could travel. Nadir Hassan said the group of Somali refugees was relocated to Dadaab camp in eastern Kenya on Saturday. They had been expected to settle in the U.S. this week and had been staying at an International Organization for Migration transit


Feb 09, 2017

After Bieneck Filed His Claim, Airhelp Sent Him A Notice That Warned Him It Could Be Two To Three Months Before He Had An Answer And That Scandinavian Might Try To Contact Him Directly Or Lowball Him With An Offer Of A Voucher Instead Of The Cash Required By Law.

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