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Obtaining Guidance In Significant Details Of Bed Cover

Let’s repeat that: Consumers no longer presume their mattress will last more than a decade. Or put it this way: Getting a new mattress, in the minds of most consumers, is no longer on the same schedule as getting a tetanus booster—and is just as important to their health. A shorter mattress replacement cycle means consumers can take better advantage of new component technologies and advancements in construction techniques. They can benefit by enjoying mattresses that offer different levels of comfort and support as their bodies change and age. It’s also nice for the mattress industry, which can introduce innovations to consumers more rapidly. According to the latest research conducted on behalf of the Better Sleep Council, the consumer-education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, consumers now expect to keep a new mattress, on average, for 9.4 years—a drop of read this about 1½ years from the 10.9 years cited by consumers the last time such research was done in 2007. Another big deal: The 2016 research has found that consumers expect a new mattress to cost more, on average they say, $1,110—a significantly higher price point than consumers reported in the past. “Since the last wave of research was done in 2007, significant economic, technological and societal trends have redefined the way we shop and relate to brands,” writes Fluent Research, which conducted the research, in a report accompanying the 2016 results. “In the current study, we address how these trends—such as the emergence of millennials, the rise of social media and the technological advances in the mattress industry—have impacted consumers’ relationship to sleep and mattresses.”  Turn, turn, turn: The mattress replacement cycle speeds up Expected: How many years would you expect to keep a new mattress? (N=2000) | Actual: How many years did you have your previous mattress before you replaced it with the one you currently sleep on? (N=2000) As we said, for the first time since the BSC started carrying out significant, periodic qualitative and quantitative consumer research in 1996, consumers’ expectations for how long a mattress should ชุดผ้าปูที่นอนลายการ์ตูน last have dropped below 10 years to 9.4 years.

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